Youtube 1000 subscribers giveaway!

I am so excited and thrilled and at the same time I can’t quite believe my eyes! My Youtube channel has reached its very first 1000 subscribers! I can’t thank enough each and every one of you for making this possible!

As you know, I make my videos in two languages, first in Ukrainian which is my native language and than I add an English voice over. To tell the truth, I would have never though that English versions would become so popular and that I would receive so many wonderful comments and opportunities (more on opportunities later) all thanks to those extra 30 minutes I spend on every video recording an English version. Thank you! Thank you so very much!

Youtube 1000 subscribers giveaway!

The very first person I should thank is definitely my husband, who keeps pushing me to be better and who actually suggested I should create an English version of this blog and than add English version of my videos (although I do sometimes hate him for this lol). And I should also thank Kristina Werner who happened to see one of my videos in her inbox and not only liked it but also commented on it and shared it with her followers.

And I also should thank each and every one of you – my subscribers! You are my inspiration, you keep me motivated and determined and definitely help my with new ideas! Thank you so very very much!

Now, not to bore you any further I have a little prize package for you! You can watch a video above to find out what’s inside and how you can win! Thank you!

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    1. so glad that i found you on youtube! i love your videos 🙂

    1. Яна, поздравляю! Ты молодец! И видео у тебя замечательные!

    1. Hi and congrats on your # of subscribers! I found you through a search on YouTube(forgot what I was searching but it was card making) and I am a subscriber!

    1. Поздравляю! Отличная новость! Желаю дальнейшего увеличения аудитории))

    1. Сначала я нашла сайт, а в постах были видео уроки, все банально)))

    1. Loved your art! I log in YouTube everyday hoping to see some your latest work. Congrats on 1000+ subscriber!

    1. Hihi!!
      I found you through Kristina Wernerr’s youtube channel!!

    1. Oh, missed out posting how I found your channel. Of cos I search youtube for key words like “card” can’t remember exactly what I type as tried a few combination of word but definitely I was searching along that line of handmade cards, art or stamp.

    1. Congrats on you 1,000 subbies, Yana! I found your You Tube channel when I stopped here on your blog to leave a comment on a card you entered in a challenge. That is also when I subscribed to your YT channel.
      Thank you so much for all of your videos…I really enjoy them…and for a chance to win in your generous giveaway!

    1. Congrats on your 1000 subbies! I found you on youtube when I was checking something out… I can’t remember what it was :/
      But I have been subscribing your channel ever since… Love your videos and the cards you make… Hope you will get many more subbies… You are awesome 🙂

    1. Я так рада!! Ура!!! Поздравляю!!! Думаю, что к следующему году это число удвоится, потому что видео интерейсшейшие!!! Информация полезная!!!

    1. Congratulations Yana! I found you on YouTube in the sidebar while I was watching a video.

    1. Сначала был интернет – магазин, блог, рассылка, фейсбук))

    1. Яна, поздравляю! только сегодня отвечала на опрос в твоем блоге, теперь подпишусь еще на канал 🙂 люблю твои видео и идеи!

    1. Love your videos, you use so many fun products! Thanks for posting them in English!

    1. What a great giveaway package! I’m glad to be apart of your subscriber list. I found you by searching i think wplus9 on YouTube. At first i almost didn’t subscribe, but then I saw your English versions of the videos. That’s what won me over. I love all your videos and your creations!

    1. H,

      Thanks for the chance to win! I think that you did a video for Simon Says Stamp recently and I think that is how I found you. Love your work!

    1. I really love your cards and thanks for sharing those amazing cards!

    1. Congratulations on reaching the 1000 subscribers mark. Kristina led me to find you (: love the way you use your supplies (making stamp out of die cut foam, colouring with pigment inks, decorative/clear sticky tape…) can’t wait to see more of your videos.

    1. I will be the happiest person in the world if I win this giveaway, because I live in Argentina and there isnt scrapbooking supplies and it’s really difficult for me to buy them. Thank you for this chance to win! Love your cards, thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Congratulations on your 1000 subscriptions. I wish you all the success on this year.

      Thanks for the opportunity to win this great gift.

    1. I’ve been subscribed to your You Tube channel for only 2 weeks. Love it! Just subscribed to your blog today! I had not seen it in English. Thank you for taking the time to do the English blog & videos. Your English is superb! And so are your cards!

    1. I found your channel when I was going through related videos when I was watching other card videos. I watched one video from you and I was hooked (: Really love your cards ^^

    1. I think you are very brave and clever to produce your videos so well. I enjoy watching because I always learn something and you produce such lovely cards. Here’s to the next 99,000 subscribers! Oh, and thanks for the chance to win your lovely package. Di

    1. I found you on YouTube by kwerner and I very love your work that’s give me a lot of ideas for making postcards. I have a serious illness without solutions and art, paint, making creation is my joy. I spend all my time at bed cause of my illness and I spend a lot of time to see videos of different techniques on YouTube so thank you for your videos and your giveaway is amazing and so generous.
      I live close to Paris and if you want I can send you a postcard for show you my work. Actually I build my YouTube channel too in French with English subtitles
      I’m ok too for share some die or something like this
      Hope your news.
      Congratulations for your 1000 subscribers on YouTube

    1. Thank for the chance to win, I found you when I was searching on youtube for some craft ideas… love your videos.

    1. Hi Yana and congrats on your milestone. Thanks for putting your videos in English , it’s great to see that paper craft is truly international!! Waving from Brisbane, Australia

    1. I love your videos and always look forward to your new ones! I stumbled across your blog and I’m so very happy I did! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

    1. Яна,поздравляю!!!Все время смотрю твои видео!И у тебя такая красивая речь,очень мне нравится!!
      PS.Ты планируешь быть на Формуле рукоделия в Киеве?

    1. I just happened to come across your channel when browsing. I’m so glad I found it! I love your cards!

    1. Hello, i am from Austria. At first: sorry for my english 🙂
      I watch all your Videos because you make great und wonderful Cards. I look every day on YouTube, if there is a new Video from you. So to your 1000 Subscribers it is time to say: thank you for this wonderful Inspirations.

      I have seen your giveaway and i am so happy, because this is a great Giveaway. There are my lovely Colors, there are so beautyful papers, i love Color box Pigment ink pads – the Colors of your giveaway are my favourite Colors. 🙂
      And than you say: you send this giveaway anywhere in the world 🙂 Yippie 🙂

      Kind regards Daniela

    1. Вітаю. Я бувала раніше не Вашому інтернет-сайті “Зроби сама”, але не була знайома з каналом на ресурсі YouTube. Потрапила на Ваш канал пошуком на YouTube 🙂 Все дуже просто.

    1. Nah, your Ukrainian subscribers are not mad at you! they are happy with what you do 🙂 and they are also grateful to Kristina for letting know about your inspiring work 🙂 thanks to your husband as well! 🙂 будь нам здорова та щаслива!

    1. It’s a joy to watch your videos. I found you from kwerner’s channel. It all started with the card with a feather.lovely! I enjoy listening the Ukrainian version :))

    1. I look on YouTube everyday for card making videos. I think I was searching for feather themed cards and saw your stamp kissing card. I subscribed to your channel instantly. I really love your style of stamping and embellishing. Thank you do much for the chance to win this giveaway.

    1. Постоянно растете и развиваетесь! Успехов и новых вершин!:)
      Отслеживаю все новости Зроби Сам(а) в любой соцсети, потому что это интересно )

    1. Поздравляю :)) Желаю дальнейших творческих вершин! Вы для меня пример для подражания! Очень нравятся ваши работы.

    1. Congrats Yana! Probably you are the most readable scrap blogger in Ukraine! Love your works!

    1. HI Yana, I found your blog through Kristana Werner’s you tube channel 🙂 she had liked your feather card which got me hooked to your youtube channel. I love your style and the smplicity you use in your cards.
      Thanks for making videos in English for us 🙂

    1. Hey, congratulations on your 1000 subscribers! 😀 I love all your works! Its so amazing to see that just with simple materials, you are able to create beautiful designs. I found your blog through a post (#61620) on It led me to the tutorial on “clean & simple die cutting#19: water colour background”, which is really a cool technique. I like the style of your cards, it is soft, simple and professional. Thank you for making tutorial videos in English! Your videos really inspired me to learn scrapbooking and card making!

    1. I found you from Kristina Werner’s Youtube channel because she liked one of your videos. I subscribed the moment i checked out your channel because you have an amazing eye for design 🙂 Love your videos and always looked forward to them. You deserved more than 1k subscribers.. Thank you for sharing all your cardmaking videos!

    1. I found your blog through Kristina Werners youtube channel in reference to that beautiful one layer feather card. You do beautiful work.

    1. Congrats on reaching 1000 subscribers! I think I found you through Terese @ Lost in Paper. Love your videos, especially your water colouring, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

      Beth xx

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