1. Is there any difference between my fsj die cutter and a platinum 6 die cutter?

    1. I love your guidance for hot foiling. I will say I can’t seem to erase over foiling, no matter what I try. I use Hammermill paper mostly, and the Spellbinder’s foil but for whatever reason, my over foiling never seems to come off. I have tried the Mono sander, the electric Couture Creations eraser, a regular pencil eraser…I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. You make it seem so easy to remove. 🙂

    1. Hi Yana, please can you tell me how you did your ombré Ink Blended Hears cards. I tried to do it but I seemed to be doing it the wrong way. I cut the hearts out then cut out masking paper but just could not work out how you did it. Did you start with the small darkest heart, then masked that and did the middle heart but I’m not sure how you stopped the ink from going to the largest heart and lightest. Would I have to cut the large and middle heart in masking paper to get that small strip in the centre. Hope you can explain. I spend the whole day trying. Thank you. Doreen

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