Youtube 1000 subscribers giveaway!

I am so excited and thrilled and at the same time I can’t quite believe my eyes! My Youtube channel has reached its very first 1000 subscribers! I can’t thank enough each and every one of you for making this possible!

As you know, I make my videos in two languages, first in Ukrainian which is my native language and than I add an English voice over. To tell the truth, I would have never though that English versions would become so popular and that I would receive so many wonderful comments and opportunities (more on opportunities later) all thanks to those extra 30 minutes I spend on every video recording an English version. Thank you! Thank you so very much!

Youtube 1000 subscribers giveaway!

The very first person I should thank is definitely my husband, who keeps pushing me to be better and who actually suggested I should create an English version of this blog and than add English version of my videos (although I do sometimes hate him for this lol). And I should also thank Kristina Werner who happened to see one of my videos in her inbox and not only liked it but also commented on it and shared it with her followers.

And I also should thank each and every one of you – my subscribers! You are my inspiration, you keep me motivated and determined and definitely help my with new ideas! Thank you so very very much!

Now, not to bore you any further I have a little prize package for you! You can watch a video above to find out what’s inside and how you can win! Thank you!

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    1. Congratulations on your 1000 subscribers. I found your YouTube channel as I was watching one of my subbies and your typewriter card caught my eye so I clicked on your video and liked your cards and subscribed to your channel. Tfs
      Evl14512 – YouTube

    1. Вітаю, Яно! І дякую за можливість виграти такі чудові подарунки!

    1. I love your inspiring videos. I even watch them in the UK version to pretend I know what your saying. Lol keep up the great work.

    1. Вітаю з таким чудовим показником! Дізналася про блог з посилання подруги. Дякую за такий чудови ресурс, та ще й можливість виграти подарунки!

    1. Hello, I’m in the US & I Absolutely Love your videos & your creations! I was just surfing YT & found your site. Thank you for all your inspiration! Hugs Traci

    1. Congratulations Yana! I am over the moon happy for you! That is a ton of subbies! I found your channel on YT as a recommended channel and started watching and have followed you ever since. I didn’t know you had a blog for some reason. So glad I found your blog now. Thanks you for the giveaway! If you feel inclined and watch vids, please subscribe to my channel or check me out. I mainly do scrapbook layouts. Love your style! ((Hugs))

    1. I just discovered your blog and YouTube channel through Jennifer McGuire. I love your videos and cards, they’re so fun and creative!! Thanks so much for the chance to win your giveaway! 🙂

    1. I just discovered your YouTube channel!! Love your videos! Congrats on teaching 1000+

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