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Life Update. June 3rd

An air raid siren sounded about an hour ago. Every time I hear that horrid noise I feel numb inside. Despite it being the middle of the night, my phone rang – it was a call from my cousin. Like me (and probably like every woman in Ukraine) she can’t help but feel scared, anxious, depressed, and even hopeless. We talked for a little bit, calmed each other, and made plans to go out for coffee on Monday. A phrase struck me very deep – things could be much, much worse.

This war has been going on for more than 100 days now and I doubt it will end in 2022. So many men die every day defending Ukraine. The president said that 60-100 men lose their lives daily. Why? Sons, husbands, fathers, uncles, grandpas. Why do they have to die?

I was by the city morgue the other day (I was in an adjacent parking lot) and saw men in military uniform driving away. I couldn’t bear to ask questions, but we all knew why they were there. There’s a military funeral nearly daily in my town. And there are many towns like mine across Ukraine.

This war hurts. I can’t help but cry as I am typing this, but I tell myself that crying is good. We will win this war. And things will be okay. Ukraine will flourish and hopefully many of you might even come for a visit. There is so much to see here.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sticking with me and still being a follower. Thank you for helping and praying. We have done so much with your help.

I know I have already asked a lot from you, but I need to ask again. If you can, please donate. You can send it to Paypal – Other ways to donate – Thank you.



    1. I’m convinced Ukraine will ultimately win and thrive, because Ukrainians are manifesting so much postive energy, there’s only one outcome possible. Long live Ukraine!
      Sending love and light ❤️
      Marianne x

    1. Oh Yana, so much is being asked of you! And you are stepping up to it all. Your own reserves of hope, optimism, confidence and energy are being used up. Your despair and fear are so very understandable, particularly since you have no end-game timeframe. You are surely doing better than any of us would do! Know that we support you, we care about you, Oles and your “tribe”. Sadly, our love and support will not protect you from the sirens and bombs. But may they fill your heart. XO Loni

    1. Just sent another donation – I hope it helps support the brave souls who are fighting. I love being able to give directly to your cause this way and to know how it is directly helping in your efforts. You are doing an amazing job and I am happy to try to help in some small way. I hope this war will end very soon and your beautiful country can begin to heal and rebuild. It is so hard to watch and know what you are all going through. It has made me more aware of and grateful for many small blessings in my life that I often take for granted. I hope you and Oles remain safe and please know that so many of us from around the world are praying for you and holding you in our thoughts daily.

    1. This is a trying time for you all and I pray every day for you and your country. Know that God is walking beside you at all times. I am just sick thinking about it. And if it can happen to your country it can happen anywhere!

    1. My heart is with you and all your friends, family and fellow countrymen Yana. I hate beyond words to see what is going on and I pray for it to end soon

    1. I hope and pray the western countries unite more strongly to support Ukraine in every way! We cannot allow Russia to defeat Ukraine and destroy the world order

    1. We continue to pray for the war to stop and for you and your country’s safety and healing. God has answered thus far for your safe-keeping. I beliieve He will be answering the other soon.

    1. Oh Yana we are all hoping & praying that goodness wins out & all this comes to a successful end for the Ukraine & it’s people. It’s Heartbreaking to still know so many are looking their lives for an event that should never of started. Hugs to you, your family, neighbours ,friends. The news channels aren’t as good as they were at updating us to events but we try to find out as much as we can. xxxx

    1. My heart aches every time I hear news about this war. At the same time, I am impressed thousands times by Ukraine people. Brave, kind, helpful, positive, thoughtful, strong, never lose sense of humor, cherish animals, keep standing tall…
      I pray for that as many people in Ukraine as possible can stay safe and survive until this war ends.
      Thank you Yana, you are great.

    1. Oh Yana … what a beautiful and heartfelt post … I wish I could donate . Please know I think about you every day

    1. So sorry you are all going through this Stay strong! We all believe in you. I don’t have much but try my best to support you through affiliate linking anytime I can. Take care Yana! We’re all praying for your country.

    1. I feel so sad for you and your country. I also pray every day that this horrible war ends soon. I agree with you: why?? Why do all these people have to die?!? It’s so heartbreaking to know that it doesn’t have to be. Hang in there, Yana. We’re all thinking of you. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. With a school shooting here and the war there it seems evil has dominated out world. You and your brave countrymen give us hope and show us courage that good will win. You would be heartened by seeing the Ukraine flags being flown here. A restaurant in Phoenix had your flag and “support Ukraine” at the top of its menu. You and your people will to be forgotten.

    1. Just when you think God is not listening, I open this in my email today. I didn’t read my emails yesterday, instead I searched for an update video from you on YouTube. In the latest posts I have read, you didn’t give any updates on how you were. I have prayed regularly that you and your family are still safe. Crying is good, it releases so many emotions, keep doing it. The part of your story that struck me the most, was the fact that you are still able to go and have coffee with your cousin. Take hold of this tiny piece of normality and hold it tight. When your world is dark and turned upside down, a coffee with a loved one is a beacon of light and something to look forward to. Stay safe pretty lady.

    1. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you and praying for you. Your so talented. Keep your head up.

    1. Dear Yana, Your words touched me more than I can say. I sit here crying with you, sending you as much love and strength as I can muster. You, and the strong and resilient people of Ukraine, give me hope every day. Hold on to the love you have for your family and your country. Love always makes you stronger. You are a beautiful hero doing whatever you can to help your brave soldiers. Know we stand with you, sending our love and strength and hope. And donations too! Enjoy coffee with your cousin and brighten her day with your lovely smile.

    1. Yana, we remain 100% supportive of Ukraine and your personal efforts to secure freedom. Go out for coffee with your friend. Do whatever it takes to keep on. When this is over – and it will be over with a victory – you will look back and be proud of your actions. I encourage everyone reading to donate and donate again.

    1. Sending you prayers and love Yana! It is so horrible this war and so pointless I think of you often and for what it’s worth send you love and good thoughts. Be safe. Thank you for all you do. Cannot wait for the day that we can all live in peace on this planet ❤️

    1. I worry that Ukraine is starting to slip from the news over here in the USA – it is needed to keep the pressure up and keep aid coming from the government. I think about how over here, people are just going on about their lives and Ukraine is in the background now, and it must not be. Your country is doing something great for the world – I can’t imagine how scary it must be every day. Something like a normal coffee I hope helps you get a mental break from it all. Always thinking of you x

    1. I just heard about Putin’s striking throughout Ukraine today. I’m sending prayers that you and your family, friends, and town stay safe! Erratic people know they’re losing!

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