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Life Update & War in Ukraine

Hello friends. Thank you all for your kind words and messages, for your care packages (Noga Sheffer – thank you! I received yours today, it was such an amazing surprise), and for donations. You keep us going and help us survive this war.

Sadly, Ukraine still needs your help. For some of us – war is far away and we are starting to forget about it. It happens even here in Ukraine. Lots of people try to live their lives as usual (especially in the western part of the country, where we are located). Today is peaceful and normal, and then another day comes, and … you receive a call or text from a friend saying: “our men were injured, several were killed, they need help” and you are going back to the realization that war is still here, we still need to fight for our freedom.

A few days ago, 13 men from our city were injured, they are at the hospital. At the same time, they lost vehicles and some equipment. So we need to get them replacement 4×4 cars. We are running low on funds… we need your help to help the soldiers.

How much do we need? There is no precise amount – as much as we can. We need to replace 8 cars, but if we buy at least one – that will help A LOT! We are not looking for any expensive vehicles – regular used 4×4 terrain cars ($4-6K). We do not need luxury or convenience we need something that moves and can deliver supplies and soldiers.
Can we do this together? Can you once again help us?

If you can help us, please send a donation to Denzil or Oles. No donation is too small. Thank you!

Here are some photos of the larger supplies we bought with your help lately – several vehicles and manual washing machines men can use in the trenches.

Thank you again!



    1. Thank you for the Ukraine update and pictures. Sending love and prayers.

    1. Yana, you are so amazing to keep your spirits up and to continue to help your brave soldiers. I’ve never even seen such a thing as a manual washing machine. I’ve recently sent Denzil a donation, but will make another small one soon. Please know you are in our hearts. Sending love and strength!

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