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I enjoy making sketches for cards and scrapbook layouts and here you can find a collection of sketches I have on my blog. By clicking the image link below you can view the larger image of the sketch and in some occasions see examples of it being used.

Feel free to use my sketches to create cards and layouts. When posting to your blog please link back to this page or enter the link up party in the specific post (this only works for cards sketches starting from #28 and up).

Card sketches:

New sketches are always at the top.

Unfortunately, the old sketch display system no longer works, but you can still find all of my sketches on Pinterest. Be sure to follow me!

Layout sketches:


    1. Love your creative process. Thank you for all the helpful tips and inspiration.

    1. You have a special talent for color and design .i admire your creations.

    1. Hi love your work. Can 3D embossing be use on vellum paper? working on DIY save the date. Thank you.

    1. Yana, I just enjoy your tutorials so much because you explain everything as is with details and your outcome it’s always beautiful. Thank you and may God Bless you and all of the Ukrainians.

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