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Hello and welcome! I am Yana Smakula (pronounced Sma-coo-la). I’m head over heels for cardmaking, and I’m equally passionate about sharing the crafty love through teaching! I am thrilled you decided to stop by and look around.

Here’s a little bit about me:

My roots trace back to the picturesque town of Ternopil in western Ukraine, which I still proudly call home. When I’m not busy crafting, you’ll often find me fueling my wanderlust by exploring new corners of the globe. I’m also an enthusiastic blogger and a big fan of capturing life’s beautiful moments through the lens of my trusty camera.

In my day job, I wear multiple hats as an influencer and digital content manager for Spellbinders. As you might have guessed, I’m all about cardmaking and adore diving into new products and techniques. My creative journey is all about experimenting and exploring various styles, and I can’t wait to share that joy with you.

I used to live in USA (in Las Vegas, NV) when I was a teen and I fell in love with this country (I was a foreign exchange high school student, and this is where I learned a lot of my English, although I studied it since the 1st grade).

Join me on this cardmaking adventure, and let’s create, connect, and have a blast together!

You can find me online here:

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    1. Yana, I knew there was a reason I loved you! Our home state is Arizona even though we live in Charleston, SC. My husband is a retired naval officer. I was born in Southern California (San Diego) and my parents moved to Phoenix in 1965 (yep, I’m an old gal!) My husband’s parents moved to Phoenix in 1959 (he’s old too *haha*) from Wisconsin. We were high school sweethearts. We’ve been married for 48 years this past October. In fact, we fly home for two weeks for our Anniversary. I still have a sister and my husband, a brother living in Phoenix. The second year of our marriage we moved to Europe (northernGermany and then very northern Scotland) for 5 1/2 years. What an adventure for two young people from the west valley of Phoenix! Our youngest was born overseas. It’s a small world, Yana, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to enjoy your wonderful artist talent. The next time we’re in Phoenix I’d love to meet you. Enjoy CHA this year, I look forward to seeing the new trends through your eyes. And by the way, I’m a Dirty Dozen Designer Alumni with Splitcoaststampers (2014).

      Susie ~
      Instagram: Sincerely_Susie

    1. Hi Yana – I Love your cards and enjoy watching your videos – I have learned a lot! I live in Las Vegas and wish you still lived here as I would love to meet you and welcome the opportunity to learn more – Simon Says Stamp has become one of my favorite places to shop – Thanks to you and all the wonderful cards you make using their products!

      Hugs -Terri

    1. Hi Yana, I am a second generation Ukrainian Canadian, with roots in, you guessed it, Ternopil Ukraine. I still have extended family their. Who knows, maybe they were your neighbors.
      I would love to make cards to send them with Ukrainian sayings. Do you know if stamps like these exist.
      I love your stamping style.
      Diane, Дануся

    1. Yana, good luck with your move. I’m so impressed with how organized you are with your packing. I’ve always enjoyed your cards and your tips and look forward to your videos in the future.

      Are you moving back to the Ukraine? I sincerely hope the move goes smoothly for you and that you back up and running as quickly as you hope.

    1. Hello, Yana,
      Many good wishes for your relocation, but I must confess that I am worried that I will stop getting your emails which I so look forward to receiving. Will your blog remain active once you’re settled in? You’ve been such an inspiration to my art that I sure hope so.

    1. Hi Yana
      I was watching on YOUTUBE called Monochromatic Stamped Floral Patterns Card.
      It just so beautiful cards. I try went online Simon Says Stamp to look for this particular Floral stamp. It looks like discontinued? I just love that colors. To me is like pastel colors, but look soft colors.
      Will you able to tell me if there is available in Simon Says Stamp may have or not. Like I said my by discontinued or gone.
      Please advise

    1. Yana it’s so nice that you posted a little about yourself! I have family in the Ukraine that I have never met! We do talk through Facebook! Arizona is one of my favorite states! I love seeing the magic you create with paper! Thank you for your inspiration!

    1. Hi Yana – I am on the A Blog Named Hero FB design team and an upcoming challenge is “Inspired By…” – I would like to use you as my inspiration since you are a Hero Arts designer. May I have your permission to use one of your cards as my inspiration and post a photo of that card on my blog? The card I would use is from your recent post for Tonic Studios. My email is ejkeefe at me dot com. Always am so inspired by your cards – thank you. Betty Keefe

    1. Yana! Love love Olive those lips! My favorite? Must I choose? Each are fantastic. I really like how huge these stamps are too. Tfs and best wishes.

    1. Recently found you and live what I see especially the card with the huge lips! How can I get to your blog?

    1. My most beloved Papa came from Vilna when he was a very little boy in 1913.

    1. Hi Yana, I am new to your Blog, but I have to day I really like it. Your art is Amazing and I like your personality. I hope you stay save. Best wishes.

    1. Yana, Thank you for alerting us to another way to help Ukraine by making purchases using the links you provided. I look forward to getting the new supplies soon. We have people in Ukraine now as well.

    1. I have followed your card making for many years. It’s always beautiful and interesting. I just realized where you live. Had to look on a map. I see you are about 50 miles from Lviv. I hope you are not hearing and seeing the war. Many prayers for you and those you live.

    1. Have subscribed and watched your YouTubes for some time. Love them. Am praying for you. I sent a cash contribution to your email through PayPal … it was returned to me. Is there another way to get it to you?

    1. I have given money to Catholic Relief Services, World Wide Kitchens, and I am not sure how to donate to you.

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