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Photos with paper crafting (cardmaking, scrapbooking etc) celebrities, artists, friends and simply wonderful people.



    1. SO, SO, LOVE YOU + YOUR WORK, YANA!!!!!!!! You are Especially Special to me, as I am 2nd generation Czech/Bohemian/American, + my oldest grand daughter is YANA, too! [a rather unusual name here in US, but she loves that she shares your name as well a few mere OUNCES of Your Creativity!] [Her brother is named Vela + sisters are Mina + Joza] You are in my thoughts frequently during the day + nearly all Americans are ASTOUNDED by the strength + perseverance of the Ukrainian people. Most Americans value our Freedoms, but, as you’ve heard, we have a few deluded, evil factions of our own to deal w/here. We so admire Your Country’s Strength, Fortitude, + Love of Freedom + hold you all in high esteem + examples we aspire to! Please understand our thoughts are with you throughout each day + we pray you will be safe during this horrible time, but will ultimately be Victorious over this Unspeakable Evil + UKRAINIANS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!

    1. If you spent so much time in the USA, why aren’t you here now with the war raging? It’s terrible there and my heart hurts when ever I see news about it. My grandparents came from Poland and Russia but grandfather was Polish but born in Russia? Take care and keep sending those wonderful card. The 20th is really beautiful Dolores Good

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